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The Future of Gambling Industry

The Future of Gambling Industry


Previously an industry that mainly existed within the confines of casinos, the gambling industry has, and still is, adjusting rapidly to the advent of technology. The current era sees a lot of online gambling which is still gaining popularity as more innovations keep coming up. Inventions such as the computer,, the internet, wi-fi, smart phones and technological breakthroughs such as such as VR (Virtual Reality) has transformed the industry enormously for both the players and other stakeholders in it for profits.

Impact of Mobile Phones on Gambling Industry

The internet came and performed wonders. Now, the Mobile phone is here and is already working magic in the gambling industry. The smartphone in particular has become a platform that has shown the potential to revolutionize the industry. Gamblers are now able to play on the go, continue right from where they left on their computer, and have access to casino games that they could only access from the casino previously. This device is poised to be a game changer in gambling attracting huge investments going forward.

Trends in the Near Future

Investors will venture more into casino games that can be played on smartphones. This innovation is promising as experts have noted that over 80% of adults have a smart phone and that by 2020 70% of the world’s population will be owning a smartphone. This creates an opportunity to widen the market base. The transformation is already taking place with several game developers and casinos joining forces to make their sites mobile friendly and develop apps that can be played on smart phones.

Things also look promising in the gambling industry as investors have something else to smile about. Google had announced plans to admit games that allow players to play using real money. This was not previously possible and was planned to roll out in August 2017. This means an even wider market for casinos as over 60% of smartphone users are on the Android platform. Expect your favourite casino game or slot on Google Play any time from now. Rather than play with fake money for fun, wouldn’t you prefer a game that can win you some real cash?

Do Not Forget to Gamble Responsibly

As the gambling industry makes an online invasion, do not get caught in the maze and lose all your money. Numerous games will be at your disposal in the near future. It is always wise to gamble responsibly. Remember the rules; gamble what you can afford to lose and do not take it up as a profit making business. Gamble for fun and relaxation ,and have a monthly budget for gambling if you can.

Technology Is Not Replacing Land-based Casino Though

Despite the innovations, physical casinos will stills exist. The online casinos and applications mostly target youths of ages 18-34 years who find it easy to pick up a device and log in rather than go to the casino setting. The mobile phone and online casino games coupled with the advancing technology only serve to propel the industry forward by opening it up to more people. The fact that casino games are becoming available on mobile phones, especially Android platforms is a game changer for both investors and players.


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