World Gaming Expo Conference


Conference Speakers

Meet our speakers – professionals of gaming industry

Valery Bollier

Company:  OulalaGames

Job title: CEO and Co-founder

Topic of the Conference: Understanding the new generations needs

Description: For the last couple of years the iGaming industry has been struggling to attract new young customers. With these millennial generations rapidly representing half of our market, the struggle is becoming a critical issue. The real question is, what do they expect from us?

  • Does iGaming really need to be more social? Why?
  • Can ”social” work without ”skill”?
  • Could products such as DFS, eSports, monetised video games and VR fit the needs of millennials?

Aleksandra Fetisova

Company:  DAO.Casino

Job title: COO

Topic of the Conference: Blockchain Revolution in online gaming or DAO.Casino blockchain protocol for gaming industry.

Description: Blockchain is reshaping the world of online gambling and opens new market opportunities. At the conference, the speaker will tell which opportunities are opened for gaming industry by decentralized blockchain technologies and using DAO.Casino’s first-of-kind Game Channel technology and Ethereum smart contracts,  DAO.Casino protocol covers all parties in the gambling industry. It allows them to interact without trusting each other. This is needed for a decentralized resilient market to function. How removing the need of trust in the entire online gambling can enable new business models and open up new markets, and eventually change the industry itself. Why, because these systems allow people to cooperate on a massive scale. Join Aleksandra where she’ll demo DAO.Casino’s developer protocol and games and describe how to be the first to new market.

Paolo Di Feo

Company: Giochi24

Job title: CEO and Owner

Topic: Reputation in regulated markets

Description: Reputation is a critical and major factor of success in regulated markets. It influences SEO and it is one of the main invisible factors behind a good conversion rate. Accelerate the process with the suppliers and simplify the relations with the regulatory authorities. We will go through the advantages of having a good a reputation and the difficulties in getting it, first of all the difficulty of getting a budget for a long term non measurable expenditure.

Patrick Hubeau

Company: Belgian Criminal Federal Police Anti-corruption Unit –  LO Belgian Gaming Commission

Job title: DCP – Chief Enforcement Division Control Board Belgian Gaming Commission

Topic of the Conference: Enforcement Division Belgian Gaming Commission

Description: Two police detectives, members of the Belgian Federal Criminal Police, anti- corruption unit, are seconded at the Belgian Gaming Commission. The Belgian Gaming and betting act of 7 May 1999 is a criminal law. Infringements can be penalized with a maximum of 5 years imprisonment and / or with a fine of up to € 100,000. The 2 LO BGC conduct investigations/audits in the land based/online legal and illegal gambling establishments (license holders / gambling staff/ customers/excluded persons/…) as well as conduct investigations related to the fairness of the game/sport manipulation.

Arjan Korstjens

Company:  Totally Gaming Academy

Job title: Course Director

Topic of the Conference: How Marketing and Responsible Gaming go hand in hand

Description: Some see Marketing as something evil to lure players to your (online) casino. But having responsible players is in the best interest of the casino, so they should use Marketing to help their players make good, knowledgeable choices. How to play, what to play, what to chose, Marketing should educate our players to make the gaming experiences good as possible. Marketers, take your responsibility!

Peter Naessens

Company: Belgian Gaming Commission

Job title: General Director

Topic of the Conference: Local gambling versus gambling globalization

Description: In the matter of online gambling, the turn of the century is a good starting point. Internet gambling enjoyed a fast rise from the start of the 21st century. The disconcerting thing is the volatility of the online gambling world. The current policy is found wanting, both in strictly economic terms and in regulatory terms. A policy for online gambling must be realistic, local and transnational, and must serve citizens and society. A regulator, working at arm’s length from the government, is in a position to unite the local forces meanwhile integrating transnational gambling features. An attractive gambling sector needs a regulator that looks beyond monitoring licensed operators. The market structure development and the appropriate balance between user experience, brand values and business models of all operators remains important, alongside investments into prevention and counselling of problem behavior.

Fili Wiese


Job title: SEO Expert

Topic of the Conference: Understanding Google Rankings for Casinos

Description: This no-hype session focuses on SEO tips that will help you move the needle. No complex theory but highly actionable recommendations. This session will have tips for all levels of experience. Join former Google engineer Fili Wiese to learn all about how to avoid SEO on-page pitfalls, optimize your website and make search bots crawl your website efficiently. Having programmed websites and Google internal tools, Fili Wiese is passionate about improving the user experience and the go-to guy when it comes to technical and international SEO.

Adam Vaziri and Kostas Farris

Company name: Quanta Technology Limited

Job Title:

Adam Vaziri – Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO) 

Kostas Farris – Chief technology Officer (CTO)

Topic of the speech : Quanta Lottery : The First Fully Compliant Blockchain Lottery in the World

Description: Quanta is the first fully compliant blockchain lottery in the world. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Quanta utilizes smart contracts for tickets sales, the selection of winners and prize payouts, thus ensuring fully autonomous, transparent, manipulation-proof gaming. Developed with breakthrough RNG (random number generation), the first provably fair lottery can operate independently or be adopted as a white label solution. Quanta’s decentralized global network provides not only safety and credibility to players and operators but democratizes the experience by making it available to people regardless of border or economic status.

Filipe Zago

Topic of the Conference: Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Value 

Description: As Blockchain technology becomes the new buzzword and the technological panacea in public and private sectors around the world, amid all the noise and awe created by the spectacular rise of crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum, both new ventures and incumbent companies are now seriously rethinking their existing marketplaces or inventing new ones. And the gaming sector is particularly well placed to profit from the blockchain. But what exactly is it? We will discuss the history and nature of this nascent technology, its advantages and major risks, and the promises it holds in the creation of the Web 3.0, the Internet of Value.