World Gaming Expo

Why Monaco


Monaco is located at the heart of Europe (just a two-hour flight from major European capitals), and benefits from its special status and regulations. Accordingly, Monaco serves as a bridge connecting Europe, Asia and Africa in many business areas.



Gaming is an important part of Monaco’s and the French Riviera’s economy. There are 4 casinos in Monaco proper (the principality’s territory is just 2,2 km2), and about 20 casinos in the French Riviera cities popular among high-level international jet set, such as Cannes and Antibes.



Historically, the gaming industry played an important role in the development of Monaco. Built in 1863, the Casino de Monte-Carlo has been the scene of Monaco’s finest hours, prompting emergence of numerous prestigious resorts and giving gaming its most elegant setting.


New Challenges

Being one of the top luxury destinations in the world, Monaco will be the first to welcome representatives of the new gaming markets such as Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Monaco is the best place to share experiences of the emerging markets, and map new strategies and approaches to succeeding in them.