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First « World Gaming Expo » The professionals gaming trade show in the principality of Monaco

First « World Gaming Expo » The professionals gaming trade show in the principality of Monaco



From 6 to 8 December 2017, the First World Gaming Expo will take place at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, a forerunner in the Gaming Industry in Europe.

An innovative concept:

World Gaming Expo is a B to WGE_300x250_WebB tradeshow gathering professionals in the gaming industry; suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers will be part of it. This event will bring together all major players from the equipment manufacturer to Casinos as well as all gaming representatives in the field. Programme will include: Conferences, workshops and presentations addressing challenges and new trends in the industry.

Most suitable location:

The Principality of Monaco is not only the world’s premier destination for Luxury, it’s also renowned for its prestigious casinos, its congresses and events. Every year, famous medical pharmaceutical, automobile and many other companies come to Monaco to organise their event. The gaming tradeshow market is not developed yet in the Principality of Monaco and in the Mediterranean, “World Gaming Expo” can position itself as the not to be missed event for major players in the field. The quality of the infrastructure, the flourishing market on the Casinos and their attractiveness, as well as a strong luxury hotel industry make the Principality of Monaco, the ideal location to host “Word Gaming Expo.” The Principality of Monaco welcomes every year around seven hundred events. These qualitative and diverse events contribute to the strong international reputation of Monaco. Thereby “World Gaming Expo” will contribute too. The large number of exhibiting companies, the expected conference attendees and tradeshow visitors would generate strong revenues especially for hotels when the period of the year may be less busy.

A professional local organiser

This project is led by an ambitious and dynamic Monegasque, Igor Gamba, founding manager at Monaco International Events. Experienced entrepreneur for ten years in communications and media he created “Monte-Carlo Pass+” ( the Monegasque publication) and in 2009 he took over the “Monaco Yachting Guide” publication.

How the idea of the World Gaming Expo came from?

CIA_4174 IG Bureau

While I was in business trips I observed the best practices in many sectors. I had the Idea in 2015 when I realised that there was not, in Europe, an event answering the gaming industry challenges. I have decided to develop my career in organising events and World Gaming Expo, is the ideal professional trade show to be held in our Principality.

Was the decision to organise this event at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco logical?

Yes definitely, it’s a natural move as the competences and professionalisms of the various teams at the Grimaldi Forum are recognised by everyone. We are convinced that the GFM will deliver qualitative service to our exhibitors, presenters and visitors.


What are the relationships and synergies investigated between the ‘Société des Bains de Mer’ (SBM) and the World Gaming Expo?

As everyone knows, the SBM is historically a major actor in the Principality. The SBM made Monaco shine beyond the boundaries for more than 150 years, thanks to its Hotels, Casinos and its aura. It will be a great pleasure to develop a close collaboration and synergies together.

“WGE” seems to be aligned with the Principality interests. Moreover, this tradeshow is intended to be a reference in Europe and beyond.


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