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Espresso Games announces its rise in the Italian market

Espresso Games announces its rise in the Italian market


Espresso Games, the historic on-line gaming brand, has received its first game certificates in line with ADM regulations and announces its presence in the Italian market.

Talenta International Limited, the British multinational held in part by a major private equity, confirms the acquisition of the brand for the new launch of the popular Espresso Games products in Italy.

Max Rizzo, CEO of Talenta declares:

“We believe the acquisition of this prestigious brand, and its know-how, to be of significant strategic interest. In fact, the company has decided to transfer its development activities to Italy following requests of Italian players who are very fond of the brand. To note, Espresso Games products were developed for over 15 years in the UK almost exclusively by Italian staff, so I wholeheartedly agree with the vision of Talenta’s founding partners and its private equity to identify the brand in its natural role as a Made in Italy supplier, thereby making a significant contribution to the highest level of worldwide excellence. For our launch we’ve signed our first agreement with SKS365, the holder of the brand, and are extremely proud to continue our existing collaboration together in this precious market”.

Enrico Berton, Chairman of SKS365 says:

“From the experience gained over years of working together internationally with Espresso Games, we’ve earned much profit and satisfaction from this excellent brand. Espresso Games has always been the highlight of our gaming offer, so we are thrilled to finally expand our agreement to the Italian regulated market as well”.

Italian creativity combined with extensive international experience satisfies the widest range of interest in a market that can never have enough quality and innovation.

The company confirms that as of November 2017 it is available for the signing of new software license agreements in Italy and Talenta’s CEO adds:

“If I was an important actor in the Italian concessionaire market I woud have no doubts! Espresso Games is a bespoke desktop and mobile product with an unmatched level of customer care. It’s a matter of style, and of course if the price is also right…”

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